Friday 21 May 2010

Lucy's Cards - Challenge 10

So the time has come to challenge you again... and this time, it's a subject close to my heart: DIGITAL!!!
The details: Create a card that uses at least one digital element.
Your card can be any theme.
Link me to your blog post or photo using the Mister Linky tool below.  Remember to link directly to the card.
Challenge closes: Friday 4th June.

If you are new to digital, see my tutorials HERE and HERE and video HERE.
AND I thought I'd share some links to some of the MANY digi kits out there.
First, a few of my all time favourites - the ones I use over and over again.
Patterned papers: THIS and THIS are essentials.  And THIS is great if you are a true HA fanatic :)
Stamps: THIS and THIS.
And HERE is a link to the 121 free digikits available at twopeasinabucket.
THIS, THIS and THIS are my favourites.
HERE are some free fonts.  I use the one at the top of the list a lot.
Vicky creates free digital templates each week and posts them on her amazing blog.  See them HERE.
And of course, check out Hero ArtsMichelle Underwood, Jane Beljo, and Vinnie Pearce.


Virginia L. said...

I'm entering a cherry card (made a few days ago) and a butterfly card. What a FUN challenge! Lucy, you always come up with brilliant ideas for your challenges!!

Vicky said...

Thank you Lucy for mentioning my blog! You are so sweet. I'll try to participate cause I love your challenges!

Dawn T said...

Great challenge Lucy - and thanks for all the lovely links... I'll be poor again!!!!

Jennifer Styles said...

Sounds fun!

You need to check your links though :)

Alice said...

yay! i think i have a couple that i will be entering in the next few days!! =)

Kathy Martin said...

Oh fun! :)

Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said...

I posted a link of the card I made the other night with the retro tulips from the contest on your site. Now I'm going to post the link to the card I made after reading your post. Having fun down here in NZ.

Lin said...

i can't believe this is your 10th challenge!! This was fun - thank you! Please keep making videos - they have been so helpful.

Handmade with Love said...

Thanks so much for all of the links and inspiring ideas Lucy. I have only just started going 'digital' and this is my second ever challenge so apologies if I have done it wrong! Hve a great weekend. Tracey x

Ayu (MimiPipi Craft) said...

Great challenge, thanks

cheryl said...

this is the first time entering into your challenge as have only just found your blog just wanted to say hello and love your work hugs cheryl xxx

Deirdre said...

Lucy, another fun challenge. Just popped a card up on the link.

CinnamonSally said...

Hi Lucy thanks for all your tips on downloading fonts. I enjoyed all your tips for this challenge and have made a card after visiting Vickys Blog. Thank you.

Tracey said...

Fab challenge Lucy & thanks for all the links too :)


Joanne Gilch said...

I stumbled onto your blog from Kathy C and thought I just might put three cards up that I did this week. thanks, I will come back.

Manasa said...

I love the whole concept of being digital...saves so much of storage space :P thanks for a wonderful challenge :)