Tuesday 17 May 2011


OK - so here's why I've been absent...
I am pregnant!!!  
And today I got to see the little person growing inside me.  A very exciting day!
 (I didn't believe it was really true until I saw the little thing wriggle and jump on the screen!)
Thank you all so much for all your kindness and well wishes - I am hoping to feel normal again soon, and one day I hope to be able to re-enter my studio.  I've not been able to craft for 6 weeks... my sense of smell has gone crazy, and the new carpet in there is NOT good.
So that explains it.
Thanks for caring.
You all rock!!!
And I PROMISE I'll be back soon with winners of my giveaways and new cards...

Friday 6 May 2011


I'll be back soon.
Struggling with sickness...  can't craft, can't type, can't do much at all!  

But I'll be back. :)
And then I'll announce my winners.

Thanks for all the lovely emails, you have really rallied my spirits.