Friday 13 March 2009

Windmill Card

Tonight I've been getting frustrated.  This card took ages but I am not 100% sure about it.  I feel like something is missing, maybe it's just a sentiment. But I'm not sure what sentiment.  I need help... any ideas gratefully received.

All stamps Hero Arts, paper Daisy Bucket.


Kelly Booth said...

Hi Lucy...your little windmill is adorable...Love the Bunnies!

Kryssi said...

it's super cute! do you have the patience to stitch? i think maybe a lil stitching would help... any simple sentiment would work.. like "hello"

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy,

What about something along the lines of.... Having a Blast (if you want a sentiment). But I think your windmill is perfect just the way it is. :-D

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lucy, the windmill is fine as it is! I usually like groups of 3's, so another bunny somewhere would be fine....or your trademark ladybird! Maybe some ink distressing along the edges of the windmill blades?'s fine, Lucy. Really!