Thursday 12 March 2009

Noah's Ark

Hello.  Tonight I was finally inspired enough to try a shape card for the HA Shape Challenge

All stamps HA.  More info here.

I received my Honorable Mention prize today too, HA have been so generous, sending me a Curly Alphabet set.  I'm pretty excited to have a go with this set!


Anonymous said...

Darling arc Lucy. Love your cards!

Anonymous said...

just wanted you to know I can post comments now! yippee! i don't feel like a stalker now.....(hee hee!)

Anonymous said...

Woohoo for you Lucy. You derserve it. I am so very happy for you. Love your header thingy btw. So when are you going to make a ladybug shaped card? I've been waiting all week! (giggle). I have entered the cardaark challenge, thanks for the vote of confidence. Take care & big hugs Paula xoxo