Wednesday 23 March 2011


Here's a shiny and glittery card for a little girl.  Love these Doodlebug gemstones.  They're HUGE and GORGEOUS.
Happy it's Wednesday, but I WISH it was Thursday...  this week is dragging.


Sarah J Moerman said...


Tiffany Ervin said...

Very fun! I just got me a whole bunch of Thickers, finally going to give it a try, yay!! Can't wait!

Ribbon Girl said...

lovely card - we've got a charm just like that, crown with damonds on it - why do you wish it was Thursday - took me 3 goes to write Thursday - trying to get the hang of varifocals! Will never do it, must change to bifocals I think. Mary G

MicheyMoo said...

Gorgeous card (as usual) Lucy!! Love the jewels in the crown!! I'm also a newbie-in-love with thickers!!

Deirdre said...

great card Lucy. Love the gems too.