Saturday 6 February 2010

Lucy's Cards: Challenge 5

It's time for a new challenge.
You KNOW it's just about one of my favourite things...
The details:
Create a card using polka dots.  Hooray.
Your card can be any theme.
Link me to your blog post or photo using the Mister Linky box below.  Remember to link directly to the card.
Challenge closes: Wednesday 17th February 2010.
1. Jaya Christina
2. lisa a.
3. Laurel S
4. Nancy K
5. Kara
6. Kelly Jo
7. Marie B.
8. Peggy
9. Sunny Penn
10. Kelly Booth
11. Liz Baker
12. Kryssi
13. Elena B. (Pelusa)
14. Val
15. Laura O'Donnell
16. AnitaRex
17. Debstamps
18. mo smith
19. krolski (kathy)
20. Elena B.
21. Ashley M
22. Joy Taylor
23. Kate Mc
24. Kate Mc
25. Jennifer Styles
26. Virginia L.
27. dr.Nina
28. Moriah M
29. Lynn
30. Dotty Jo
31. Katie Tate
32. Cindy
33. Katherine
34. Sarah M
35. Amy Wanford
36. Sally
37. Victoria
38. Wendy C
39. Sarah A
40. Elena B. (Pelusa)
41. Rosslyn Weigelt
42. Barbara
43. Katie Tate
44. Katherine 2nd entry
45. Katherine 3
46. Michele Rezewski
47. Hazel
48. Esme
49. ivy
50. shelly p
51. JackieM
52. Kiara Lee
53. lisa a.
54. Susan G
55. Hazel (another)
56. Sav O'Gwynn
57. Gloria M.
58. Katherine W.
59. Kiara Lee #2
60. Brenda Urbanik
61. Sally2
62. Piali
63. Gloria M.
64. Patti aka NW Lady
65. Kathy Racoosin
66. Shirl
67. Liz Baker
68. Jaya Christina
69. Vicky
70. Nina B
71. NinaB (Croatia)
72. SmilynStef
73. Lorena
74. Nancy S
75. Chrissy L.
76. NancyK-2
77. Donelda
78. Laura :)
79. donna mikasa
80. Kate Lewis
81. Amy Wanford
82. Virginia L. #2
83. Hana
84. Sav O'Gwynn
85. Sav O'Gwynn
86. Jill
87. Laura Bassen
88. Ruby 2 Shoes
89. Hannah (age 10)
90. Jamie
91. Trinh
92. Nikita


Virginia L. said...

What a FUN and CREATIVE theme, Lucy!! Love polka dots, too! Oh much fun to be had...

Kelly Booth said...

YAY!!! You Know I'll be PLAYIN!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just love polka dots... I will be back!

lisa a.

Tiffany Ervin said...

Oh how fun!!! Hope you are recovering from your birthday and housewarming bash! Bet it was fab!!

Nancy said...

I, too am a fan of polka dots!! I made a card for a class I'll be teaching that just happens to be very "dotty".
Happy Belated Birthday, so sorry I'm late with the birthday wishes. Hope your day was as sweet as you are!

Jill said...

SO FUN!!! Thanks for all of these great challenges, Lucy!!

donna mikasa said...

Hmmmm.....I wonder if I can play? You think?? I'm starting to see spots already!!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday, sweet Lucy.....

Alice said...

ohhhhh.. this is going to be fun!! =)

Marie Bingaman said...

Hiya Lucy! You might need a magnifying glass to see them, but they ARE

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us play along Lucy! Nothing quite like polka dots! And once you work with them, you realize how much you need more/different arrangements of them! Deb

DustyPenny (Joy Ott) said...

Oops, sorry I missed your last challenge! Maybe I will have time for this one!

Pelusa said...

Hi, Lucy!
I just posted my second try in this new fun challenge. Thanks for the opportunity and all the inspiration.
You make me do my first card this year!

Kate Mc said...

I just love polka dots too. This is my first ever entry for a challenge, so I hope you like it!!!

Vicky said...

I love this challenge Lucy!
But at this point I can't see Mr.Linky.I think the tool is down!
Did you know you can use another FREE linking tool that displays all the links inside your post and even supports thumbnails?
Maybe you should give it a try! It's easy to use, stable and highly customizable. If you need any help just let me know :)

Virginia L. said...

I also don't see Mr. Linky today....the system is down? I'm leaving my card link here and may come back to add to Mr. Linky later.
PS: FYI I used Vicky's DH's device Inlinkz for my challenge. I'm very happy with it. They provided me GREAT support whenever I need help.

Nina said...

Polka dots is one of my absolute favorite patterns aswell...LOVE IT! My entrance for your challenge might not be the most "polka dotted" card I've made (only a bit of polka dot organza there)...but hey, it still counts right? ;)

Thanks for inspiring, and thanks for these fun challenges!

Dotty Jo said...

So glad I have managed to squeeze in a little crafting time to be able to play along with this one! Thanks for another lovely challenge theme Lucy, Jo x

Anonymous said...

Love polka dots. Just happened to make this and then saw your challenge! Yay! Love your cards inspiring.

Stamping Cafe said...

Thank you for another awesome challenge, Lucy! Love polka dots!!

Brenda Urbanik said...

Thanks for the challenge Lucy. As you have inspired me so much, (you will notice by the card), I just had to enter.

Patti aka NW Lady said...

Love polka dots, thanks for the Challenge

Jill said...

Dang! I missed the deadline! I still had LOTS of fun playing along! Thanks for the challenges, Lucy. You're the best!

Nancy S said...

I love polka dots, but usually think of them as too cute for most cards. Your card for your hubby inspired me to use them in a masculine card. Thanks!

donna mikasa said...

Hi Lucy! I FINALLY linked a card to your polka dot challenge! Hope I made the deadline....Actually, 90% of my cards have dots on them so I used the last card that I made. A little cheeky card! Thanks for a great challenge!

Aimes said...

Hi Lucy! I hope it's OK that I've entered twice?! If not feel free to delete my second entry but I really am on a Polka Dot kick at the mo!

Ruby said...

Hi Lucy. Thanks for the inspiration, both in terms of the challenge, and that dolly peg picture you used for the challenge. It inspired me to buy some dolly pegs and organise all of my ribbons lol. Fab challenge, nothing quite like polka dots to make a girl's day! :o)