Tuesday 5 January 2010

Lucy's Cards: Challenge 3 - Monochromatic

Woo hoo - after 3 weeks without the internet, I am BACK ONLINE.  This calls for BIG celebrations.  So I thought I'd have a new challenge.

And the details:
Create a card using only ONE colour, along with black and/or white.
Your card can be any theme.
This challenge is open to EVERYBODY - wherever you live. :)
Link me to your blog post or photo using the Mister Linky box below.  Remember to link directly to the card.
Challenge closes: Friday 15th January 2010.
And I know I have not spotlighted from my last challenge - I promise this will be done in the next day or two. :) 
Best of all, today is a SNOW DAY so no school for me :)  The first snow day I have had in all my 30 years!!!  Amazing.
And finally, just a reminder to enter my giveaway if you haven't yet.  Click HERE for details.
And REALLY finally, check out THIS post at Caardvarks... massive news.  CARDS magazine is sponsoring an upcoming challenge and the prize is PUBLICATION!!! AWESOME.
Hope you are all well - missed you.  Can't wait to do some blog surfing...
1. Kelly Jo
2. Krysten Ng
3. Piali
4. Dawn T
5. Lynn
6. Hazel
7. Dotty Jo
8. krolski (kathy)
9. shawnte
10. Hazel
11. Cinnamonsally
12. Krysten Ng
13. Lin
14. byulgzr
15. Nikki C
16. Brenda Urbanik
17. Brenda Urbanik - 2
18. Tracey Kuzniak
19. Jane
20. Katherine
21. Josephine L
22. Lin #2
23. Dallas
24. Sanne
25. Sanne
26. hooliegirl
27. Sue-ann
28. Vicky
29. Laurel S
30. Brit Swiderski
31. cinnamonsally
32. Lynn
33. Jill
34. dustypenny (Joy)
35. Giovana
36. Lee - grandmalee
37. Kathy Racoosin
38. Liz Baker
39. Victoria
40. carole
41. Nancy K
42. Hazel (another)
43. Dawn T #2
44. Giovana
45. Jennifer Styles
46. Simone Naoum
47. Katherine
48. Vera Ling
49. Virginia L.
50. Shauna
51. Caroline M.
52. Stephanie Gruss
53. Sarah Belgium
54. Brenda Urbanik #3
55. wintam
56. Piali #2
57. Amanda Profumo


Lin said...

Wow! THREE weeks? I don't think I could go that long without doing something drastic! But I guess you had lots of things to do otherwise....(new house).
I grew up having snow days once in awhile....it's nice to stay inside and enjoy it from the warmth of your house. We're getting snow here, too, a little bit every day and frigid temps, so it isn't melting much in between. Yesterday it looked like we were living in a snowglobe! I love it to do this in January, but come late Feb, March, or April, I'm not so enamored of it!
Sending hugs

donna mikasa said...

Hi Lucy! Glad you are back online again! Hope to play along with your third color challenge...Missed you, too! Now, go out and build a snowman!

Alice said...

YAY!! so glad that you are back online!! another YAY!! for your snow day! Hopefully i'll get to participate in your challenge this time... =)

Dawn T said...

I saw on the news how England was in the thralls of a heavy cold winter storm Lucy.... I won't tell you I am enjoying some lovely warm summer weather here!!!! Glad you're back on line - I know how frustrating it can be... great idea for a challenge... I had just finished the perfect card ( except it had a tiny bit of brown on it with the one other colour - green, but entered it anyway. You can decide!!)
Enjoy the new house and hope it is keeping you warm and toasty... think of the extra crafting you can do!!!
Hugs Dawn

Kryssi said...

so you're freezing there as well? NY has been slammed with the arctic chills!! i can't craft in the cold lol..

Jill said...

So glad you're back online! :) Can't wait to make a card for your new challenge!

Agata said...

Good to have you back! Happy snow days! And thank for the challenge!

Dotty Jo said...

Yipeeee, one of my favourite themes - love monochromatic cards! Jo x

Brenda urbanik said...

Thanks for the challenge Lucy! Never done monochromatic before so I really hope this passes all the criteria! I have decided that the only way to learn is to participate in some of these wonderful challenges, just to stretch myself when it comes to creativity.

Craftie Jane said...

So sorry - I've managed to post the wrong link at #19 - blushes!


Adore your blog :)

Abounding Treasures said...

Hi Lucy -

This is the 1st challenge I've made a card for and am excited to participate with all the other far more seasoned card designers o)

I've really enjoyed browsing all the other cards as well as your blog which I found via Jo at Dotty Pudding's Place!

By the way, thanks for the tutorial on making a round scalloped card ...

Virginia L. said...

Most excellent entries you have ,Lucy! I'm glad to be part of it :) Happy card-making!

Caroline M. said...

I'm a long time viewer of your blog, but it's the first time I participate in a challenge. Thanks for the good ideas.

wintam said...

My first time to participate in your challenge and I'm very excited about it. Still, I think I made a mistake with Mr. linky, so here's the link to the card again:

Sorry - and thanks!!!