Saturday 20 June 2009

Scribble This Challenge

I love Lisa Spangler!  Not only is she an AMAZING cardmaker, but she is generous enough to be running photography tutorials on her blog, showing us how to make photos crisper, lighter and better.  Last night I edited MANY photos following her adice, and I am thrilled with the results.

So I thought I'd enter her current challenge:

So I took photos of these mini cards I made, then edited it according to her advice.

I don't actually have a photo editing programme other than iPhoto - but just playing around with the sharpness settings made a big difference.

Supplies: Stamps - Hero Arts (sentiments: here and here,  animals); Kraft ATCs; white cardstock; coloured pencils; machine stitching.

I am so so happy!  My photos actually look better.
THANK YOU so much Lisa.


Tanis said...

That really did make a difference...
In case you're interested, Lucy, you can get for free online (they do offer you the option to donate, but free is good!)
I use it all the time and adjust just 2 things usually - brightness/contrast and sharpness and it makes a HUGE difference.
It's super easy to use too.
Here's the link if you want to check it out :)

AND SUPER CUTE CARDS by the way!!!
Where did you get that textured kraft paper? I LOVE it!!

Deirdre said...

Lucy, where do you get your kraft cards from and kraft paper - is this textured? Saw on one of your cards that the outside was kraft and inside white - was that purchased like that or layered? Thanks Deirdre

Virginia L. said...

These sets of cards are so CUTE! You obviously nailed the photo techniques! That means....more eye-candy cards from you! YOU are the best!

Tiffany Ervin said...

Those are just the most adorable cards Lucy!! Wow! Congrats to your winners, hope you are still smiling, yay!! Ooh, I see a glimpse of the Caardvark's challenge, gotta check that out, too much fun to be had!

Gingerbread Gal♥ said...

These cards are SO adorable! Love them all! Great job with the challenge.
:) Rachel

Vicky said...

Love these cards and your blog, some amazing cards. Thanks for the link to Lucy Spangler, I just followed her tutorial and can't believe the difference in my pics. I was thinking of buying a new camera, won't need to now :)xx

Vicky said...

Sorry, Lisa Spangler ;)x

lalalla said...

love your cards!

Tanja said...

WOW!! What a great gift set your cards would make! I LOVE Them! The diff in your pictures is amazing. Yes, Lisa rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

cute cards! a good job editing, too!

Kelly Booth said...

Those are the CUTEST cards too Lucy and your Photo's are Wonderful!

Brooke said...

Cute cards! Great job with the photo editing, too!