Tuesday 22 April 2014

Use It! with Lucy's Cards - Class 2: Lesson 2 (One Layer Cards)

Welcome to Day 2 of my 2nd class.
Firstly, let me recap on my supplies for this week's class. They are:

Lesson 2 - One Layer Cards

OK, today's card is SUPER easy. And uses lots of yummy inks.
I adore Hero Arts Shadow Inks, and I especially love them in these little cubes. They are good value, take up less room (essential for me), and work brilliantly every time. What's not to love? So for my card, I chose a rainbow selection of inks from several different cube packs, a range of small polka dot stamps from the Lots of Dots set, and some good quality white card.
I actually stamped my sentiment first so I would have enough room, then just set off, stamping at random with the dots. So easy and fun.
Once I'd finished, I decided that one of my blue dots wasn't perfect. Rather than redoing the card, I decided to add some Star Dust Stickles to all the blue polka dots.
When it's wet, it looks like a gloopy mess… but don't worry, it dries beautifully and leaves an almost sugar like result with lovely glittery sparkle too.
And here's the finished card. I actually had to mount the card onto a new card base as the Stickles caused a little bit of warping that I was not 100% happy with. But once adhered to a new card base, it is perfectly flat.

Want to see a couple more one layer cards? (I don't make many - I am a layers girl)… click on the picture to see the card in full:

Rainbows  Peace
OK - I'll see you tomorrow for Lesson 3 - Hand Stitching.
Bye for now.


Julia said...

Oh my gosh, love the happy dots! All excited about the idea you shared here, I want to race home and try it myself. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Lisa Petrella said...

Fantastic one-layer creation, Lucy! Those colorful dots are so cheerful and fun! And I LOVE that sentiment set---it's on my wish list for sure!

joy said...

Quick and easy, but SO eye-catching and fun! Love the sentiments in this stamp set.

Victoria H. said...

This is amazingly bright, beautiful and fun! Love it and this great series!

Sarah G said...

Love the colours of the Shadow Inks and even coverage you have achieved - I only have one or two but haven't got such good results. I shall give them another go - the small cube sizes are so cute! Love your design - simple and fun with a touch of sparkle :)

Dawn T said...

Just gorgeous. I love these little ink cubes too. Love the touch of sparkle as well.

Kathy Camasso said...

So clean and simple; why can't I think like that!!!??? Love it!

Susan said...

I love this card, and it has inspired me to get out my polka dot set from "Inspired by Stamping", unused to date. Like Kathy (above), "why can't I think like that"! Thank you for a simple but lovely card. Susan, Australia

Erin said...

This idea is so thoughtful. I'd much rather design and create a Thank You card (among others), than just buy, and mail something store-bought. What the recipient ends up with is a keepsake, rather than a well-intentioned, yet mass produced piece of folded, card stock, which would most likely end up being lost amongst junk mail and other paper nothings on a kitchen counter, or dining room table. Admittedly, when I get a store-bought card, it's just an "aww, that's nice!" moment, and then it's forgotten about. Really! When something is handmade, however, I am more inclined to keep, or even display it, depending on the design. I really love this idea! Already, I have three people in mind, whom I plan on making cards for. :)

Audra, United States