Friday 6 July 2012

Lovely Friend

Hello. I have a card to share today that I threw together with some bits left from a previous failed project. :) Do you have many failure projects?? Sometimes an idea seems so great, but doesn't work out so well... this is why I sketch. :)
The cute paper is from paper from THIS range, and the stickers are Lily Bee. I added gorgeous Ribbon Girls pins and seam binding. Oh, and that cute scallop and dot paper at the top and bottom is cut from THIS 12 x 12 sheet.
Lovely Friend
Well, I've had a very good day - my baby FINALLY giggled today - a real giggle. It's taken a LONG time to get her to laugh even though she smiles all the time. But it was worth the wait. And on my husband's birthday too. :)  And she's ALMOST crawling - dragging herself across the room in a comedy style. :)
Anyway - I'm off on vacation tomorrow. Yay. I have some posts scheduled so you won't even know I'm gone.
Have a FAB weekend and week. Take care.


Donna said...

What a beautiful card, Love what you've done with the 'Friend' sentiment. You can't beat baby giggles, especially their first. Donna x

Sarah said...

Gorgeous card Lucy! Enjoy your holiday!

Sarah x

gRiSeL™ said...

Wow, that's absolutely STUNNING!!! So delicate, classy, sophisticated--just everything in one!!! LOVE it!

Skye said...

Gorgeous card. The colours and elements come together so beautifully.
I can't believe you have failed projects. I often have reality no being enything like the idea.
You will need your roller skates on now your daughter is crawling.
Have a lovely holiday

Dawn T said...

So pretty Lucy. Enjoy your holiday and spending lots of time with the family.

Rachel Izakowicz said...

Such a lovely card - gorgeous detail with the friend stickers stitched on. Enjoy your holiday! x

Joyce said...

This is just gorgeous!!! Lovely card.

Anonymous said...

Stunning Lucy!

Cindy C. said...

So lovely! I espically like the "friend" element!