Wednesday 11 January 2012

Inspiration Week - Day 4

Hello - happy Wednesday to you.
Today's inspiration comes from my living room. I've always loved to organise my books by colour... that must be the designer part of my brain working there. :)
So... this photo makes me think of THIS stamp set, and THIS yummy set of twine.  I love the rainbow colours in THIS digi paper pack and THIS 6 x 6 pad.  Check out THIS fun pack of felt, and THESE gorgeous ribbons available in rainbow colours.  LOVE!!!
So whether you are inspired by the colours, the books, the shelf, the twig effect fairy lights... I want to see it. :)


Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said...

Love that stamp set, not sure I should thank you for the enabling.

Dotty Jo said...

This picture really made me smile Lucy! I love the rainbow effect but as a librarian you wouldn't belive how often I get told 'I'm looking for a book I borrowed last year... it's got a red cover but I don't recall the author or title', LOL, Jo x

diana said...

Thanks for these ideas about inspiration sources - I'm looking around my home with new eyes. ;-)

pcm said...

what a fun way to organize your books :)

Ribbon Girl said...

I've been inspired Lucy, just need to try my idea to see if it works! I'll either be back soon with a photo (or rather tomorrow when the light is better) or I'll be looking for elastoplasts 'cos I've cut my fingers with a craft knife! Mary G x

Virginia L. said...

What a NEAT way of arranging books, Lucy!! Very inspiring post!