Saturday 8 January 2011

A Winner...

Thanks to ALL of you who entered Sketch Challenge 1 to win the yummy ribbon from The Ribbon Girl.
I have chosen a winner.  And it WASN'T easy.
I narrowed it down... and some more... and more... until I chose:
You MUST check out her card.
But because I loved so many of them... I chose a runner up too. :)  And that is...
Girls, I've emailed you both.
Everyone else, thanks again for joining in.  The sketch is open until the end of the month. And I'll be choosing MORE winners from some of the other sketches too.  Hooray!
Happy Saturday everyone.


Debby said...

Oh my word I am delighted! Thank you so much Lucy!

Tina Spohn said...

Congratulations, girls! :)

Lucy, this has been such a fun week. I never thought I would do all those sketches, but I just had to, heehee. Thank you for this amazing start of the new year.

Hugs, Tina

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Debby and Cristina! I love both of your cards! :)
I wasn't able to leave as many messages as I would have liked, but I enjoyed looking at everyone's work, so much creativity! Thank you Lucy again for all of the lovely sketches, it was so much fun! Like Tina, I never thought that I would be able to do them all! :) lavender & roses - Susanne

Virginia L. said...

What a GREAT challenge! I enjoy seeing the lovely lovely entries!