Tuesday 13 April 2010

Lucy's Cards - Challenge 9: Stitching

It'll come as no surprise to you that I love stitching on cards.  Love it. So I thought I'd make that the focus of my next challenge:
Create a card that uses stitching: hand, machine, faux, digital...
Your card can be any theme.
Link me to your blog post or photo using the InLinkz tool below.  Remember to link directly to the card.
Challenge closes: Wednesday 28th April.
Oh, and if you need help, I made a video on machine stitching on cards which is HERE. :)
Submit your card here:
1. Ivolina  17. Fika  33. Trinh  
2. Liz Baker  18. Chiges  34. ros Crawford  
3. Victoria  19. Gloria M  35. cinnamonsally  
4. Deirdre  20. Peggy M - The Wired Angel  36. Savannah O'Gwynn (1st card in post)  
5. Manuela  21. Doreen  37. Savannah O'Gwynn  
6. Tanis  22. Hazel  38. Savannah O'Gwynn  
7. Craftypagan  23. libeeti-lo  39. Savannah O'Gwynn (3rd card in post)  
8. AnitaRex  24. Ujjwal  40. Savannah O'G (2-4 cards in post)  
9. kasia c. (2 cards in one post!)  25. nikki schmaltz  41. Amy Wanford  
10. Liza  26. Therese  42. Giovana  
11. Ros Crawford  27. Virginia L.  43. Giovana (3rd card)  
12. jaemom  28. Trinh  44. Giovana (4th card)  
13. Lynn  29. libeeti  45. cinnamonsally 2  
14. Jennifer Styles  30. Clare  46. Agata  
15. Elizabeth Schaffer Miranda  31. NancyK  47. jaemom  
16. Giovana  32. Lorena (Paperella)  48. jaemom  

(Collection closed)
Link tool by inlinkz.com
And... The entires to my 8th challenge were stunning.
Here are my top three:
          1.  Ashley Cannon Newell 
          2.  Trinh  
          3.  Lynn 
And I also really loved THIS card by Tina.
Thanks for all the beautiful entries.  It was lovely seeing how my wedding flowers inspired you.


Agata said...

Woohoo! This is a fun challenge! Thanks Lucy! And congrats to the three ladies!

Alice said...

congrats to all winners! amazing cards! thanks for another fun challenge, Lucy!

Lynn said...

Lucy, Thanks so much for choosing my card...made my day! Looking forward to doing this challenge too!

Trinh said...

Thanks for picking my card, Lucy! I loved your inspiration photo. And can't wait to try the next challenge!

Virginia L. said...

Love your choices! Congrats to all the winners!! Too bad I totally missed it!

Ashley Cannon Newell said...

Thanks Lucy for the challenge and great inspiration! Loved it so much!! Thanks for selecting my cards and I enjoyed browsing others too!

Unknown said...

I congratulate the winners!! Beautiful the cards, at me they the winners.

Deirdre said...

Congrats to the winners of the last challenge... and am LOVING this new one... will definitely have at least one for this challenge!!!

Tina said...

Congratulations to spotted girls. Being mentioned really made me happy.

jaemom said...

Yay! I get to play along with this next challenge since I missed the other one. Love the cards you chose, they are so pretty. And your wedding flowers were definitely inspiring!

Unknown said...

how did you make the flower on the header at the of your website? Are there directions somewhere? The pink paper and the pink button in the middle?

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Hey hey:)

Thanks for a fun challenge--I love using stitching in my cards! I had to link three cards to one entry because the Mr. Linky wouldn't let two of the same URLs on the list...which is ok:) I don't mind. Just letting you know that is why I linked it like that.

Also--sorry about linking them all at once. I had a busy week last week (Growing In Unity)...had a blast! Hope you are doing well! Thanks so much for all your fun challenges:) And for always inspiring me:)