Wednesday 2 December 2009

Lucy's Cards - Challenge 2

And the details:
Create a card which features wings and strings.  Any type of wings and strings allowed! (think birds, bees, butterflies, angels... twine, thread, jute, raffia...)
Your card can be any theme.
This challenge is open to EVERYBODY - wherever you live. :)
Link me to your blog post or photo using the Mister Linky box below.  Remember to link directly to the card.

Challenge closes: Tuesday 15th December 2009
Hope you can participate - thank you.

1. Jennifer Styles
2. Lynn
3. Nela
4. Leah the Orange
5. Brenda Weaver
6. Kathy Racoosin
7. CraftBelle
8. Katia
9. Sally
10. Virginia L.
11. kasia
12. Rosemary D
13. shelly p
14. Judy
15. Mary Dawn
16. Jane
17. Nicky Hsu
18. Lin
19. Linda aka Oz
20. Jill
21. Clare P.
22. Nela
23. Josephine L
24. Nikita
25. Stampin Sue
26. krolski (kathy)
27. Kiara Lee
28. SmilynStef
29. dustypenny (Joy)
30. Sav O'Gwynn
31. VeraRhuhay
32. Sav O'Gwynn (trying again)
33. Mariana Grigsby


Tanis said...

Perfect. Thanks Lucy :)

Alice said...

yay! another challenge with signature elements from you!! This will be fun!!

Virginia L. said...

Such a creative theme! Love your idea, Lucy! Will try to find some wings and strings in my stash :)

donna mikasa said...

Wings and strings? I love it!!

Leah l'Orange said...

just found your blog whilst half-zombified last night, and thought i'd use a stamp that would work for your challenge. glad to have stumbled onto your blog! :)

Kathy (krolski) said...

Great idea Lucy! Hope I have time to play this time. :)

Nancy said...

I love this theme, Lucy! I'll be busy with "Wings and Strings" now.

Craftbelle said...

Wonderful challenge Lucy!

kasia said...

Congrats to the winners from last week! they are all beautiful cards. Thanks Lucy for another great challenge. wanted to get away from chrismas cards but these hero angel stamps are just so cute!

Lin said...

Donna and Virginia pushed me into this!! What do you think?

Linda aka Oz said...

The sprite has wings and although it is hard to see, the tag is tied on with string. AND, the little star is tied with a very fine piece of string so that it will spin inside it's space. I know that is pushing it a little but it is kinda of a busy time of year... hugs Lucy, the Oz

Jill said...

Awesome challenge! I just love coming to your blog!

Sue McRae said...

Love the name "wings and strings", very creative!

Stamping Cafe said...

Thank you for another fabulous challenge, love it!!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Sorry about my double entry--the first one isn't linking correctly! Thanks for letting me participate:)

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Just tried it again--and now my name is gone! So sorry that I don't know why it is doing this.... here is my link:::’s_Challenge_2.html